Hi there! I'm Sam Peat.

I love working with schools because I see each one as a unique, individual community with its own story. I trained in classical Documentary Photography on the oldest photography course in the UK. My approach lends itself perfectly to working at schools with a story to tell.


I'm a freelance commercial and portrait photographer, based in North London, UK.


In 2014 I graduated from Newport University with a BA in Documentary Photography. My final major project shot in an A&E Department, “Nothing Like It”, was published by The British Journal of Photography, The BBC, The Guardian, and the German publication Der Spiegel.


After University I began work as a freelance events photographer. I have worked for a range of high-end clients, including Bloomberg, Sony Pictures UK, Disney, Microsoft, HSBC, Santander, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Gartner, The Tate Modern, The Design Museum, and The National Portrait Gallery.


My way of working remains unobtrusive and candid, with a style grounded in traditional documentary photography. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively with my work so far, having worked in over 36 different countries in the last few years.

A lighting test of me at a school in the USA in 2023.

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You can check out my non-schools work HERE. I hope my site gives you an impression of how passionate I am about photographing people in a way that gives a sense of their unique character, and how important dignity and storytelling is in my work. For Interactive Schools-related enquiries, visit the CONTACT page.

Exclusively represented by Interactive Schools

I have been working with Interactive Schools since 2015. Since that time I have shot the vast majority of the content for their websites and clients. They are a fantastic set of passionate, creative people. I work mainly with their Creative Team, headed up by Tim Weaver. Tim is a great guy to work with and for and assumes the role of my agent in the organisation. Details of how to get in touch can be found on the contact page below.

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Sam Peat Photography Ltd is part of the Carbon Neutral Britain Scheme. Each month 30 Trees are planted on behalf of the company. This offsets the equivalent of 10 transatlantic flights and 50,000 Kilometers of driving.