International Travel

We love traveling for international clients! Below is a list of what we need to deliver our creative concepts. We will work with you to agree on the best times and flights for each specific trip. But the following outlines our more general requirements.


  • Where possible, flights should be direct to the destination.
  • We almost always fly from Heathrow, but when booking flights we can look at other London-based options.
  • We will always need extra luggage. Requirements for this are in more detail below.
  • On average there are two team members for a shoot, however, this can increase to three should the shoot be more complicated
  • We will also invoice for travel costs to get to & from the Airport.

Luggage. We will need...

  • The standard carry-on allowance, per passenger (though a minimum of 7kg).
  • 1 x 23kg Hold-bag - for our lighting equipment.
  • 1 x 10kg Hold-bag - for our lighting stands, tripods, umbrellas & lighting modifiers.
  • 1 x 10kg Hold-bag - Personal bag for the Designer.
  • 1 x 10kg Hold-bag - Personal bag for the Photographer.

  • The luggage allowances and bags cannot be combined. E.g. we cannot merge 2 x 10kg bags into 1 x 20kg bag.
  • It makes no difference how the hold luggage is assigned to each passenger, as long as we have the total allowance of 4 hold bags.
  • Most flights come with 1 hold bag each anyway, so in most cases, this only involves adding 1 extra hold bag per passenger.


  • Please book separate rooms for each traveler, but we can share a multi-room apartment or connected hotel rooms.
  • Where possible please include breakfast with the booking, this means we can arrive fueled and ready for the shoot.


  • Where geographically possible we will endeavor to share trips amongst clients, this reduces the costs of flights and other travel costs. However, this may not be possible with certain deadlines or specific clients.

Travel costs in-country

  • We aim to keep any additional food costs down to £25 per person per day.
  • We usually use Uber for moving between a hotel and the School.
  • We're really happy to be picked up by a school driver or by you too!


  • Due to the fact that each country has such specific Covid travel requirements, these are done on a country-by-country basis. We will arrange any UK side tests ourselves, but we may need your help booking any tests needed in your country.
  • We will look into what tests are required and discuss these with you.

Visas & customs

  • Where a country is signed up to the ATA Carnet system, we use a Carnet (a passport for goods) to get our equipment in and out.
  • If we need Visas we will ask you for help with these, and any experience you have with these will be appreciated.

Letter of introduction

  • A letter of introduction can be really helpful clearing customs in some countries, as it is an official letter explaining, who we are & what we are visiting the country to do. If we need one of these, we will let you know & provide the wording for you.

In SUMMARY... Please arrange the below.

  1. Return Flights, for the team.
  2. A total of 4 x hold bags for the team of two.
  3. Two separate hotel rooms + inc breakfast
  4. Help booking any in-country Covid Tests
  5. Possibly a letter of Introduction.