Letter of introduction

Occasionally, a Letter Of Introduction can be really helpful for us in clearing customs or immigration at the border. Please use the below text and put this on company-headed paper and send a copy to photos@interactiveschools.com, and your designer.

To whome it may concern,

My name is My Name, and I am the Job Title at This Great School.

We have comissioned a UK based Company called Interactive Schools to produce a new web-site for our school. In the course of this work, we have aranged for Photographer Name & Designer Name to visit our school campus to capture some specialised marketing photography.

They will be arriving on This date, and departing on This Date. We have pre-booked booked their return flights on their behalf. They will be staying at This Hotel and working for me at the school campus, located at School Address.

Should you have any further questions about their activities in country please feel free to contact me or the school on the following details.

My Name
My Job Title
My School Contact Number
My Mobile Number
My School email address

Many thanks for your time,

My Name