How to Prepare for a Google Tour

  • Sit down and work out which rooms in the school you would like to capture. We recommend considering quality over quantity. So, if you have 4 Science classrooms, just pick the best-looking one.
  • We usually photograph between 20 and 25 rooms or spaces, max at any school.
  • We should be shooting each room and area separately from any other. Whilst your students might walk down the corridor from a classroom and turn left onto the playground – anyone viewing your tour won’t know their way around. People tend to get lost if we attempt to photograph connecting areas and include these in a tour. So when planning, do not include any paths or walkways – what works best is just a few shots around a room or area at a time.
  • Please take a map of the school and annotate which rooms and spaces you will shoot. This will also be key for when we add the spaces to google maps.
  • Teachers sometimes love to know that the shoot is happening so that they can prepare the rooms themselves, ensuring that they get all the best toys and props out.
  • Google requires that these images are taken when there is nobody around, there should not be people in these images. We also don’t want people to get distracted when experiencing your 360 Tour. Remove any full names or photos or students for safeguarding.


•      Quality of spaces over quantity. 25 max. 20 recommended.

•      Keep each space separate. Close the doors. No corridors.

•      Let people know which rooms you intend to include so they can be prepared to look as good as possible.

•      No students. No full names or faces if possible.

If you are having drone still images included in your tour - please confirm this with Sam Peat via

What happens next?


  • Once we have the images we will stitch, edit & retouch them to make them look at their best.
  • Then they are shared with you to make sure you’re happy for them to be uploaded and built into Google Maps.
  • We build them into Google Maps using API software which allows us the most control possible, including editing, changing, and updating the tour imagery.
  • The links for each area are then built into your custom WalkInto Tour by your Designer at Interactive Schools.