Reportage Film

More information on your film...

Similar in shooting style to Reportage Photography, I work quickly around your school to cover lots of subjects, in a candid way. A Reportage Film covers a full day at your school, edited into a 2-3 minute video, set to music. This also includes 2 x 20-second social media reels, cut from the main video.

Hand-held filming & drone footage, with voice-over audio & music.

Shot in 4k 60p, delivered in 1080p 30p.

Reportage Film

See an example from Pipers Corner here.

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The Planning...

The two main things to plan ahead of the video are a schedule and a script for the film. The schedule should allow 20 minutes for each scene to be captured. Some things may be quicker, but this is a good starting point. Then have a full school schedule around in case we have time to capture additional subjects.

Academic lessons can start looking the same e.g. Geography, History, Maths, English, RE - it is important to photograph some of these lessons. Maybe 2-3 classes worth with different age groups and make sure your teachers are putting on exciting visual classes where possible on the day… e.g. a Science lesson with only books when there could be rockets is a missed opportunity.

The second thing to prepare is a voice-over script for someone to read. This will allow us to tell a viewer what the school's core messaging and story is, while they watch. We can record this on the day. A head teacher is an ideal candidate to read this for example. I suggest one person, rather than many.

I'm happy to schedule a call to discuss all of this with you as we approach the filming day and provide an example schedule.

The Filming...

On the day, we will arrive before the first shot to sign in & get introduced.

We then work through the schedule to capture all the content that we can and get some drone footage too (if possible). We will also need 30 minutes to record the voiceover for the video.

Please try and work in coffee breaks every 2 hours (just ten mins or so, for coffee & to back up footage) and then 30mins of time for lunch.

The Post Production (Magic)...

Initially, I will need your school logo & brand guidelines; this will help to package up the video. Within two weeks I will send over a "Look & Feel" check video. This is a short 30-second clip, that will allow us to confirm that the soundtrack and style of editing are correct.

Two weeks after that the full version will be completed for your revision, and each round of editing will take 1 week from then until you are happy with the final version.

The final step is to make two small 15-second edits for social media, based on the main footage of the main video.


If you have any questions, please email Sam here at, and CC in your designer.